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Terms of use

  1. Terms and Definitions
  2. Basic Provisions
  3. Rights and obligations of the parties
  4. Procedure for the consideration of disputes and responsibilities of the parties
  5. Payment order
  6. Personal Information

If you do not agree with this Agreement or with its separate clauses, you may refuse to use the site (hereinafter simply the Service).

This Agreement enters into force for you from the moment you send your completed registration form.

If you are a user of the Service, this automatically means that you accept all the clauses of this Agreement.

1. Terms and definitions

Service – a set of software and hardware, combined with the space domain name, providing interaction between users.

User – an individual or a legal entity that has registered with the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Account – a unique name (login) and password for accessing the User’s personal pages within the Service.

Customer – User who searches for Executors within the Service.

Executor, Freelancer – User, providing services for performing various kinds of work, without entering into any labor relations with the Service, and not being his employee.

2. Basic Provisions

2.1. Accepting this Agreement, the User agrees, accepts, and agrees to unconditionally follow all of its terms, also, the User has the right to refuse to use the site (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

2.2. This agreement and all changes to it come into force from the moment of their publication on the Service. Changes to the Agreement can be made at any time. Users confirm that with each reauthorization on the Service, they are acquainted and accept the terms of the Agreement, which are published at

2.3. The service provides users with a service for accessing the functionality of the Service, without interruptions, except for time, for carrying out the necessary repair and maintenance work. All currently existing services, as well as any development of them and/or the addition of new ones, are the subject of this Agreement. Users understand and agree that all services are provided on an “as-is” basis and that the Administration is not liable for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, removal or non-preservation of any user personal information.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. Rights and obligations of the User

3.1.1. The user is responsible for the information and messages posted on the Site.

3.1.2. The Service does not allow: Calls for a violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or for the seizure of state power; appeal to change the administrative borders or state borders of Ukraine, violation of the procedure established by the Constitution of Ukraine; appeals for pogroms, arson, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures, forced eviction of citizens; appeals for aggression or for unleashing a military conflict. Unprintable direct and indirect insults in any direction, including those based on ethnic, racial or religious affiliation, as well as statements that are chauvinistic in nature. Offensive behavior and expressions, in relation to the Administration, and other users of the Service. Placement of orders and advertising by users:

  • goods and services that violate the current legislation of Ukraine, and/or violate the intellectual property rights of Third Parties.
  • goods and services not in accordance with this Agreement.
  • trojans, viruses, Internet worms, programs for hacking or unauthorized access to information, as well as other “hacker” programs that may harm the software, and/or the components of information systems. The Service does not allow the publication of the following information:

  • explicit and implicit advertising of third-party sites, including the distribution of referral links
  • advertise quick earnings.
  • information related to fraudulent schemes.
  • projects that do not correspond to the specialization of the service.
  • projects completed retrospectively and open to increasing the rating.
  • projects that involve performing non-paid test tasks that are different for different performers.
  • projects created to collect contact data of performers.
  • projects created to attract MLM and pyramid schemes.
  • projects, the task to which was received in another project already posted on the service (mediation).
  • projects related to the purchase or sale of accounts on third-party services.
  • projects related to the passage of testing for another user on third-party services.
  • containing obscene language.
  • provoking conflicts on a political, religious or national theme.
  • violating the rights of lawful rightsholders. Any actions that are expressly prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine

3.1.3. The user has the right to submit to the Administration their wishes or suggestions for improving the work of the Site.

3.1.4. Users acknowledge and agree that the Administration has access to all the contents of the Service, including personal messages on the Service.

3.1.5. Users should not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part or function of the Service, or any other systems or networks connected to the Service, or to any Service server, by any unlawful means.

3.1.6. All users of the Service can register no more than one Customer account and one freelancer account. Registration of multiple accounts of the same type is prohibited, as well as the transfer of the logon parameters to the service to other users.

3.1.7. It is forbidden to transfer accounts to third parties. One account belongs to one person.

3.1.8. It is forbidden to buy and sell accounts.

3.1.9. All users of the Service are obliged to fulfill their obligations in good faith both to the administration of the Service and to their counterparties (in case of conclusion with the latest transactions).

3.1.10. Non-targeted advertising of services is prohibited.

3.1.11. It is forbidden to use tools for mass mailing of private messages or automatic addition of rates for projects.

3.2. Rights and Obligations of the Administration

3.2.1. Administration determines the rules of conduct on the Service and reserves the right to require their execution from Users.

3.2.2. The Administration reserves the right to amend the Agreement and all its integral parts without any special notification to users of such changes.

3.2.3. The Administration reserves the right at any time to make changes to the information published on the Service.

3.2.4. Administration has the right to send users information messages only within the framework of using the Service.

3.2.5. Administration is not responsible for the reliability of the information published on the Service, and / or the correctness of the statements of its Users.

3.2.6. If the User does not agree with the decision of the Administration, he has the right to write a letter justifying his disagreement with the Administration of the Site.

3.2.7. Administration may revoke the right to use the User’s Service, which violates the terms of the Agreement.

3.2.8. The Administration has the right to block or delete the User’s account, and also to prohibit access with the use of any information to the Service, and to delete any content of the User without explaining the reasons, including in any of the following cases:

  • violation by the User of the terms of the Agreement or the terms of other documents provided for in the Agreement.
  • the commission by the User of actions that entailed or are capable of causing damage to the business reputation of the Service.

3.2.9. The site administration has the right to make any adjustments to the user profile without warning the user, if he believes that the user violates the site operation rules.

3.2.10. The Administration has the right to monitor, post, delete, modify, store or revise messages sent through the Site, at any time and for any reason. Administration is not responsible, does not approve and does not guarantee information regarding opinions, views, advice or recommendations posted or sent by Users.

3.2.11. Administration is not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions in the registration or downloading of content on the Site and can not be held liable for any damages (including lost profits) arising from such errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

3.2.12. By providing the Administration with their e-mail address, Users agree to use e-mail to send Service, legal, informational, promotional and promotional notices to Users.

3.2.13. The Administration reserves the right to advertise the services of the Service, at its discretion, by processing the content and displaying it on the relevant pages of the Service and its borders, with the right to structure, edit, integrate, split, regroup, translate the text part of the content to other languages and so on. Administration is not responsible for any errors, distortions, omissions, inaccuracies, deletions, defects in content due to the translation of the textual part of the content into other languages.

4. The order of dispute settlement and the responsibility of the parties

4.1. The Service Administration does not participate in disputes (including judicial) between the Users of the Service, as well as with the participation of Third Parties.

4.2. The Service Administration is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the Contractors.

4.3. The Service Administration is not responsible for any possible losses, and / or lost profits of Users or Third Parties caused as a result of use, or impossibility
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4.4. The Service Administration is not responsible for the actions of Users or Third Parties violating the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.5. The Service Administration is not responsible for the information and materials posted by Users within the Service.

4.6. The Service Administration does not guarantee, but agrees to make every effort, for the unmistakable and uninterrupted functioning of the Service

4.7. The User is responsible for all actions performed on behalf of the User on the Service;

4.8. The user is responsible for the quality and timeliness of the fulfillment of the obligations accepted in the framework of the Service.

4.9. The user is responsible for the security of the confidential information used to access the Service.

5. Payment procedure

5.1. The use of the Service is conditionally free (charged under certain conditions). Access to the Service is provided to all interested parties equally.

5.2. The Service Administration has the right, at its discretion, to enter and change the fee for certain services of the Service, which the users of the service will be notified beforehand.

5.3. The user can replenish his account by purchasing a certain amount of the domestic service currency (credits) with the help of a payment aggregator or using a promotional code.

5.4. In case of violation of the rules of the Service, the funds used to purchase the service on the service are not returned. However, if the user was unable to use the acquired service to the full extent due to the obvious fault of the Administration, his account on the Service is credited to the amount corresponding to the price of this service.

5.5. The funds credited to replenish the balance on the Service can be used only to calculate for the services of the Service and are not refundable.

6. Personal Information

6.1. All personal data on the Service is published with the prior consent of the subjects of personal data received in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. By providing us with your personal information, the User agrees to the processing of his personal information, namely, to collect, store, adapt, update and use it to distribute electronic newsletters and other information related to the Service. The personal data provided by the User are used only for internal purposes and are not transferred to third parties, except as provided in this agreement. The user at any time can request or change his personal information contained in the databases of the Service by contacting the Administration.

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